Why am I excited about the Nokia World 2011 ?

Please accept my apologies, I created this blog few days ago and nothing is finished yet, but here are my reasons why I am excited about the Nokia world :

First, for getting to know Nokia Sea Ray,WP7 over Nokia hardware. Then to see a new high end Symbian device ! N801… ? And of course to appreciate the cute and beautiful new devices (603-701-700-500…).

Of course talk NFC, Qt, Qml, and WP7 with Symbian and WP devs ! (I myself am a ITCom dev) Would be great to know what kind of software should we produce !

To attend to the wonderful Marko Ahtisaari presentations, I really love them ! Hope I could talk with him! Meet Becky Folb which is a very welcoming  person, I would be pleased to have a chance to talk with her about Nokia needs in ITCom engineering ! And of course to say thank you for all the great work you did during this year, for Symbian Belle, for your devices, for your enthusiastic posts on Twitter and Facebook… Etc ! Too much to say, more at the Nokia World I hope !

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