Clock My World


Welcome to the Clock My World application support page !


– Symbian

– Meego

– Sailfish (planned)

What for ?

Clock My World is a application that allows you to check the sunset and sunrise time of your GPS location. Very useful for landscape lovers, people who live in Nordic countries, people going to work with bicycle… Anyone can invent use cases !

You can also save your location, change your location (with latitude & longitude), change the date (to be able to forecast sunset/sunrise time), change time zone. You can fully customize the settings in order to have the sunset/sunrise time of some location but for your time zone or sunset/sunrise time of your location but for some other time zone. Basically, anything you can think of !




Meego application, .deb, from Nokia store

Sailfish, coming soon – Alpha version video

Symbian application, from Nokia Store, 1€


The Meego project and repository is available here.

The Symbian repository is available here.

Clock My World has been elected project of the week on Nokia Delevoper (18/03/13) see here.