Clock My World running on Sailfish Alpha Version – Video

locatemesymbian80Welcome to Clock My World on Sailfish !

So far it is an Alpha version with still some minors improvements to make but I’ve no doubts it will be fully functional for the release of the first Jolla smartphone.

Here is my point of view concerning this port :

– The SDK is very easy to handle, as much as the BB10 SDK or even easier.

– A Sailfish project accepts most of the previous Symbian or Meego Qt code, out of the box.

– Nokia Tumbler and InfoBanner Qml elements have been ported with success to Sailfish.

– Emulator DOES NOT provide Position Qml element (coming soon in further SDK release or need some “deep” tweak inside the emulator).

– The port was really quick, 2 hours, knowing I was not fully focused on.

So far I have been very pleased to work on the Sailfish SDK and I will definitely do my best to ensure a optimal user experience inside my apps running on Sailfish !

Clock My World has also been elected project of the week on Nokia Delevoper (18/03/2013) see here.

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