N9 Battery Changed !


Recently I noticed that my N9 started to suffer a bit from its battery… It also had a quite bad fall that made a lock of the screen pops out of the assembly. After discovering the issue (it took me a week due to the rubber cover that was hiding the damage), I decided to open the phone !

Sadly, a faulty micro SD card in my new BlackBerry Z10 corrupted all my pictures of the disassembly! I then switch to a old 8GB Nokia Micro SD (from the time Nokia was giving micro SD with their phones) and all is fine now : )

So, I’m just going to make comments on the overall procedure…

If you wish to download the Level 1&2 manual, here you go.

CAUTION : Neither me nor Nokia is responsible of what you are doing when disassembling your phone. Please note that it avoid warranty and be aware of what you are doing !

Tools :

The main assets when disassembling an electronic device are the different tools you will need & use. To disassemble the Nokia N9, I highly recommend you to use a Wiha Torx T4 screwdriver :

Wiha Torx T4

Indeed, it has a magnetic head that will help you a lot when positioning the screws and also help you avoiding loosing them.

In addition to this, I recommend you to use a very small flat screw driver to unplug the flexible connectors. Of course, it will always be better to have the Nokia tools but when you don’t have them, just figure something out ; ) I myself used some big tyraps to get the screen out of the assembly.


Just follow step 1 to 26 of the manual. Please take extra care of the step 11. Otherwise, and with the right tools (see upper) it should go without problems ! You should also be conscious that working in a clean & white environment will helps you if you loose some parts of the device. Also remember to put all screws in a box and when screwing them again on the device, be soft, tight the screws too much will never be beneficial.

Result :

My screen which poped out is back in place and the battery is changed ! I got approximately 20% more battery… The old one got something like 400 cycles and started to feel very tired so I’m quite happy with the new one ! Unluckily I adopted the BlackBerry Z10 and let my N9 rest for a while…

Don’t hesitate to write me below in the comments if you have some questions !



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