Is the Blackberry Z10 worth it ?

Few months ago I bought a Blackberry Z10 to change from my N9 and I think it’s time for me to write a tiny summary of my feelings about it, hoping that will help some of you to make the step ; )

Firmware Version :

Hardware :

Z10 hardware is really great, the smartphone is well made. Screen is really stunting, the phone is slim, raw camera quality is really not bad and can do great pictures.

They really well sized the processor and memory, I never experienced and lag whatsoever, so on that side, Blackberry really did a great job.

Concerning the battery, since the 10.2 leaks came out, the battery life is really nice, under good network coverage, expect around 2 days of battery life. The only drawback is that there is no “Low network / Low battery” mode in case the battery level starts to be low or the network coverage is so poor that the phone will draw battery quicker.

Software :

I got my Z10 with the first firmware released… Useless to say, this first firmware was really quite painful to use. Meanwhile, Crackberry forum release new leaks very often and it became an habit to update the phone, monthly.

The hub is really well done, easy to use and and fast. There’re enough apps to fulfill all normal smartphone user needs. Overall user interface is good, but not as good as Meego is. Meanwhile, BB10 runs slick and provide a slightly better user experience than what I had on my previous N9.

Browsing the phone and editing/viewing office & pdf documents is really easy, that’s really a nice asset of the phone, it really allows you to do light work directly from your phone instead of computer (like checking a document before forward it for ie.).

Conclusion :

Well, I can’t really say a lot about the Blackberry Z10, except that it does the job, and it does it hell fast ! The hub is excellent, battery life is really good, form factor is “not too big & fits in pocket”. Being a Nokia fan since ages, I had a lot of doubts when making the choice to get a Z10 but today I don’t regret at all that I made this step and I really like to use the phone ! Well done Blackberry ! Looking forward for official 10.2 firmware version !





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